Cry Purple

One woman's journey through homelessness, crack addiction, and prison, to blindness, motherhood, and happiness

Contact Christine

If you would like to contact me for speaking engagements or just to give me your thoughts about the book , feel free to e-mail me or write to me at the following addresses:



Christine McDonald

P.O. Box 1331

St Peters, MO   63376

7 Responses to “Contact Christine”

  1. Glenna Salsman said

    I think you did an excellent job on your book. There was a very good balance between the bad then the good. As a Wayne teacher from your past I feel bad that you didn’t feel we could help you. It was a hard book to read because you are one of the children we cared about. Many times through the years teachers go home in frustration because they can’t help as they would like to. My prayers are with you and Ricky now.
    Dori’s mom

    • crypurple said

      Thanks for contacting me! Glad you enjoyed the book.

      I, myself am responsible for my choices

      At the time, I did not know how to ask for help; I had not yet found my voice.

      Thanks again for remembering me and reading my book!

      Sometimes we have to take the road of hard knocks to find out who we are meant to be!!!



  2. Allison Durbin said

    I am so impressed with your spirit of owning your actions, choices, and their consequences. You are a brave person to tell such a painful story, but thank you! Not only does it help those who do not understand addiction, I think it is also an inspiration to those who do. You will forever be in my family’s prayers!

  3. Linda Stair said

    I read your book last night, started it and couldn’t put it down until I finished. My first thought was that I wished you lived close by because you would make a wonderful friend! You are brutally honest about your life on the streets and your addiction. It touched my heart that you went through so much and look at you now. Wow amazing. I’m looking forward to reading your future books.

    • crypurple said

      Thanks so much Linda!

      Just because I am not local does not mean I can’t make a good friend! So do stay in touch!

      I so love to read stuff from those that have read my book; your words are kind.

      I am not sure how comfortable you are with this but if you would consider going to the site where you purchased the book and write a few words that would be super, think you can even do that without using your name if that is more comfortable. Either that or maybe consider telling your friends to consider buying and reading the book!

      Addiction and prostitution really are subjects that people think they know about, but really often have a misunderstanding!!

      I do have a couple of more books in me, so stay in touch!

      Many blessings


  4. Linda Stair said

    I will go to Barnes and Noble and leave a review. I’ve been telling my friends about it and one already downloaded it on her Kindle. I told our pastor’s wife about it tonight and she was going to look at it.
    Thank you for responding to my message. That was so nice of you. I’m so excited to see what God has planned for your life and for Ricky’s.
    Take care and God bless you.
    Linda Stair

  5. Ruth Schneider said

    Christine: I loved your book and I intend to pass it on and encourage others to buy it. I understand people’s problems better than I ever did before.
    Write some more and good luck in the future.
    Your son sounds terrific.

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