Cry Purple

One woman's journey through homelessness, crack addiction, and prison, to blindness, motherhood, and happiness

Reviews From Readers

“I bought the book on a recommendation from a friend and had to finish it that same evening. The subject matter is compelling but the author’s transparency, honesty and willingness to confront her own failures provides a rare glimpse into another human’s mind and thoughts. I found myself confronting my own beliefs and questioning certain assumptions I had made as Christine shares her unvarnished story. I highly recommend this book.” – Timothy R.

“This is, quite simply, an astonishing book. I know of no other that combines subjects as diverse as street-corner prostitution, drug addiction, homelessness, what it’s like to go to jail numerous times, losing one’s sight, motherhood, open adoption, and then heartfelt advocacy for the poor and ex-cons. The author’s straightforward style and amazing lack of self-pity make her very personal story and then her important social messages all the more hard-hitting. I’m sure they’ll stay with me for a long, long time.” – Leonore D.

“The author has a straight forward honest account of her life of addiction.  As she shares her challenges after getting clean and facing new found blindness, a picture was indeed painted as I read her journey through addiction and beyond.  This book has indeed opened my eyes to struggles I was unaware of a culture is exposed in a way far different than I myself had envisioned it.  A must read human experience covering many facets from self mutilation, addiction, prostitution, prison from sighted to blind.

I was extremely moved when the author was faced with a choice of saving her eye sight or the life of her unborn child, then the pain as she was unable to parent the child instead of terminating the pregnancy, she bravely with love chose adoption. As I read this book, I was moved through a journey of darkness and despair to love and hope.I look forward to reading more books by this new author.” – Anonymous Reviewer

“It’s not often that I take the time to sit down and read an entire book. This book however, was like a mission, I HAD to finish it, even though I already knew how it was going to end. Christine is a remarkable human being who has faced adversity that most of us could never handle. This book will take you on a journey of the human spirit and the sheer will to survive. This book reminded me that happy endings still happen, and that we can all benefit from the kindness of others. Please take the time to order and read this story, it will help Christine and her son Ricky get to that little trailer with the fenced in yard that she dreams of.” – Tina H.

“I love this book. It is a very touching story and makes you want to cry during parts of it.” – Lauren

This book is truly amazing. I will honestly never forget this incredible story. Christine’s honesty in telling her story, her amazing grit and determination, are unforgettable. She tells a hard-hitting, impactful story that MUST be shared. I was both horrified and enlightened. It is a source of inspiration, as well as an important educational tool. – Anonymous Reviewer

“Cry Purple is not just an excellent book, it is an important book. It is a window into the lives of women that are going on all around us, in every city and town in this country, but that most of us choose (and have the privilege to choose) not to see. Christine’s memoir is a remarkable telling of her journey through prostitution, violence and drug addiction to a life of freedom from those bonds. It is raw and real — not for shock value but for the sake of telling the truth. But Christine does something difficult and remarkable … she tells deep and hard truths without eliciting the reader’s pity or shocking the reader into disconnection. Instead, her plainspoken style invites you into a world that is incredibly difficult to see, but she stands with you and holds your hand as you look at it. It is a world where women are bought and sold as commodities, where they are despised by all, where they are trapped in seemingly inextricable bonds of violence and addiction … but somehow miraculously they are still not beyond the reach of hope.

Cry Purple is not an easy read, but it is an incredibly important read. Read it with a group and talk about it. Read it and ask yourself … what can I do, what can we do to help bring hope to women who are right now living this “life” on the streets of our city?

Buy this book. Read this book. Share this book. But don’t stop there. DO something about it.”  – Michael K.

Cry Purple is one of the most remarkable autobiographies I’ve ever read. It’s not every day that you get the un-glossed version of what it is like be a drug-addict and street corner prostitute. However, it’s not graphic or creepy – not rated X or obscene. It’s a PG version of a XXX life, because the person who wrote it wanted to honor her own humanity. Christine McDonald tells the honest truth without horrifying her readers. She tells of becoming so addicted that she practically became an animal, and yet, she never lost hope. She tells of her life as a prostitute without flinching but also without flinging vitriol at the johns who so often abused her. She doesn’t drag anyone back through the hell she went through any more than she has to. She lets the reader use their imagination and their own moral compass to decide how they want to feel about what happened to her.

The book helps us see the humanity of those we so easily lose sight of and forget. After seeing all that the author survived and overcame – eventually going on to become a mom and contributing member of society, I couldn’t help but deeply admire and feel a kinship with her. Christine McDonald’s story is so riveting. I moved from feeling like I was in foreign territory, to feeling like I was learning about a person just like me. Whether through humor, common interest or suspense, she was able to create a powerful emotional connection with the reader throughout the book.  I will never see a prostitute, a drug addict or homeless person in the same way again.” – Rebecca R.

“Meeting Christine in no way suggests the life she left behind! She is vibrant, has found peace and bubbles over with love. Yet, she will tell you in a heart beat that her life wasn’t what you would imagine! I have such admiration for this special lady! She expresses a life few of us I think could survive! What a great read and an eye opening experience for anyone not familiar with life on the streets! I hope you find it in your heart to order this book to help support her mission for a place to live that isn’t sharing a bedroom and a bunk bed with a 6 year old. Your purchase and spreading the word of her book can help her achieve her goal!  I feel so blessed to have had Christine cross my path in life and to get to call her my friend!” – Kathleen K.

“I loved this book. It really shows the truths about addiction and puts a face and a heart on the nameless women who get caught up in prostitution. Christine McDonald is an amazing woman who proves there is always hope.” – Lorie H.

“This is a book that you will not want to put down. Very well written and very enlightening story of how this author has endured and overcame so much. Highly recommend this book.” – Janea M.

“I have known about Christine’s life story in bits and pieces, but her book puts it into a new perspective. I’m so moved by the book and what she survived and the positive things she has done in her life. Her can-do attitude is contageous and uplifting. I hope she does write the “rest of the story” sequel one day. I encourage people to purchase this book and pass the word to others.” – Janet D.

“This is an amazing read. I wasn’t able to put it down…very compelling and eye-opening. For the price, it cannot be beat, and all the profits go to helping Christine and her son, who is 6, find a modest, two bedroom home, with a secure, fenced yard. Currently, they share a tiny one-bedroom apartment, with no yard. Can you imagine being blind and having to tell your 6 year old that he can’t play outside because you can’t see if he is safe? I bought this book not only because I want to help Christine reach her goal of $10,000 in book sales, but also because it tells a great story. It inspires me to be a better person, and gives me hope for the future!!” – Christy B.

“The book Cry Purple, is an honest, direct look at the life of a addict.

As I have read a number of books that are true crime type books, this is written in a way that that made me think about what I thought I knew. 

Then when the author details her life as a prostitute, I was shocked and realized maybe I watched too much TV as her story is nothing like what I thought it would have been.

The courage it must of taken to put her journey in this book for people to read was tremendous.

This was indeed a broken soul that has found a path in life. It was so heart touching to see this book take me to the darkest of times and pain to happiness and light. My views are changed, and I know I will be reaching out to my community to find ways to get involved as I had no idea about many things she shared in her life, I guess I just thought these kind things did not happen in America I did not realize the difference in TV and movies and the real life of a addict or prostitute. The author is truly full of courage, and hope I do recommend this book then when I learned she wrote this book to not only educate the rest of the world of addiction, and prostitution and even blindness, she is using the funds for the sales to help her and her little boy get a little trailer with a yard, I was really touched by the creative way she found to attempt to help herself and her small son make a better life for themselves. I guess there are so many things in this book that touched me and that made me think. – Anonymous Reviewer

“I read mostly fiction and am not a big fan of true stories but that did not hold true for this book. It is very well written and an easy read. Brutally honest without the graphic details that might drive some away. A true story of determination and survival. I recommend this one highly.”  –  Anonymous Reviewer

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  1. Chris Kemp said

    I just finished reading the book last night and am in awe of the whole situation. Christine is an amazing woman who overcame, and is still overcoming, challenges that only a person with a will of iron could accomplish. Ricky sounds like a sweet little man that loves his mama! Wish I could meet her!!

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