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One woman's journey through homelessness, crack addiction, and prison, to blindness, motherhood, and happiness

Special Thanks

I wanted to take a moment and   say thanks to some people for various reasons.

As you guys know I am not the mushy type. Being warm and fuzzy is not one of my best qualities. But in my heart you all have a special place, and I wanted to just mention you!

  • My son Richard, aka Ricky: Hey kid! Thanks for being you! There are days that you are what gets us through! It is true team work I need from you to help you grow. Often, however, in many ways, I learn from you by listening and seeing the world from your perspective.  I have learned that, in being your mom, I love you unconditionally, as you seem to love me. My heart melts when you remind me that in heaven I will no longer be blind and we can run and play and climb trees and hang out with Jesus.  I love being your mom.   God truly gave me a good child to love and care for!
  • Christy Bean: Well, you saw me cry in college just struggling through tests in the testing center on campus. You told me just do your best and that I did.  You continued in my life, even joining me for my very first concert, Neil Diamond, and what an experience that was! You have continued to be a huge motivator in my life and I wanted to say thanks for your friendship and all the hard work you put in on the web site, and on assisting me on the editing where my Adult Attention Deficit Disorder limited me!  God has blessed me with a wonderful friend and all you have done, your time, your friendship is appreciated. If I had a sister, I think I’d want her to be just like you!!
  • Sharon and Bill Walker:  Hey guys, you guys are amazing friends, and have been wonderful in encouraging me through my journey. I remember meeting you for the first time when you gave us your family Christmas tree and came to decorate it for us!  Your family was facing trials at the time, yet you took the time to share with us!  Sharon, you helped me in college! And we made a great team!  You two have been like an extended family for Ricky and I. Sharon, your faith in God is so strong and the joy your presence brings is amazing.  One day, I hope to emanate the same joy to others.  Sharon, I will always consider you to be like a surrogate mom! Hugs!
  • Karen Shoemaker:  Wow, so you truly were the first one to believe in me.  Once, you told me “It is what is, so what can we do about it?” and I carry that with me today. You, indeed, were and are one of the most special people in my life.  Like many people look up to teachers, and friends, and leaders from their past that have made an impact in their life, you would be that person for me.  You were my rock while I was still learning I had the strength to follow my dreams.  No matter what, you believed in me! For that I’ll always be grateful.  Never once did you judge me; you always saw the good and helped me learn to see it in myself.  For that, I will always be grateful.
  • Malcolm Garcia: Now who would have thought that after a simple news paper story we would become such friends? Your straight forward, no nonsense view on things kept me grounded, with just enough confidence to follow what ever my heart desired. You will always be one of the people I admire most, with all your work writing stories to sway views of the majorities views.  Through your wonderful, thought-provoking, outside the box stories, I have learned that sometimes saying, or writing the uncomfortable things is the right thing to do, in order to show another perspective and to expose the real side of life. The right thing is often not the majority   Nothing is one-sided; there is always another side of the story.  I admire your passion for utilizing your talent of words to show the world the other side, often the untold side, of the story. Thanks for your friendship.
  • Mary Christine and her adoptive family:   I love you Mary C, so very much, and although I was unable to parent you, I want to assure you that although it was a hard choice that hurt my heart deeply, I have come to know that choosing your adoptive parents and allowing them to love you as their own was the best choice at the time of your birth for the many barriers and hurdles you faced as a newborn.  With them, I know you were given the best fighting chance available, with your special needs.

I remember that phone call where I was seeking a family to parent my daughter when I was unable to, due to an unforeseen illness that left me totally blind in less than 3 days.  None of us knew if my baby would make it once she entered this world.  Thanks so much for loving my birth daughter and having a large enough heart to allow Ricky and me to have such a huge part in her life Thanks for helping our little girl surpass all the doctors’ expectations.  For your kind hearts and your tenacity in fighting for her as if she was your own birth child, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I will always be grateful for the life you have provided for her and for you’re sharing of her little life with us.

  • Kris Judd and the NH family! Hey Kris thanks for being you! You are so full of life. I remember being dunked in water asking to join the outreach team! What joy to take sandwiches to those on the streets in our little community. We planted seeds of hope. A single speckle of glitter on the floor may go unnoticed, but with many speckles of glitter, it shines. I believe our brown bags, coats, socks and kind words, with no strings attached plants those little speckles of glitter that collectively can grow in those people lacking glimmers of hope! My heart will always have a special warm feeling when I think of NH and all its wonderful members!
  • Lora McDonald: Hey girl! I remember contacting so many groups to attempt to give back to my community – they all blew me off as if no way would someone with my past be of any use!  You allowed me to see my past as my strengths in helping open doors for others. I admire how you present yourself, no matter what situation. You have been a wonderful role model and teacher for me. You work to change so many lives in your work on micro, mezzo, and macro levels.  When I grow up, I want to be like you!!
  • Sean McDonald:  Just saying thanks for the first P.O. that did not send me back at the first sign of messing up. I think you planted the seed in my mind that there might actually be people out there that would have faith in me and not write me off as a mess up. You changed my views of P.O.s forever. Thankfully, you were my last of many, but the best!
  • Althea and Denny West:  Okay…now to thank some of my new friends in my new town!  Thanks for your motivation to put this all in action and joining me in my dream to sell this book and make enough for permanent affordable housing for Ricky and me. Your love for God shines in your presence. You do so much for the community and those around you. You have truly been our little angel sent from God to look out for us. Thanks for the help with the website, and the other things you have blessed us with.  You and Denny are amazing and I am thankful!
  • Emily Rasinski:  Thanks for your hard work on the video.  It is amazing and I am excited to have it on the site as a tool to assist us in this project! You rock!
  • Operation Breakthrough: Gosh, I do not think I can list all of those that I want to thank.  Sister Berta, Laura, Kim – you guys have been a huge support at Operation Breakthrough from the get go!  What you guys do at Operation Breakthrough does change lives. You give people in your program the best chance possible. I will never forget the first day Ricky’s father and I took Ricky to your center.  It was also the day I had to have my first eye removed and you guys have been alongside of us from that day on. I am thankful for the work you do in the community to educate people about inner city poverty and the challenges real people face.  Your center and work truly has impacted the community and will continue to for years to come. I am truly thankful for all the support, encouragement, and care we received for Ricky’s first 5 years of his life.  These are things he and I will carry for a life time. Keep up the wonderful work!
  • John Kough:  To my dear friend,  thanks for all your support, and encouragement on my journey.    Thanks for the many blessings you have given and  shared with Ricky and me.  And a super special thanks for your generous donation to get us started towards our hopes of the realizing our American dream!
  • My blind friends: Thanks so much for your support, when I was a newly blind person, in teaching me how to relive my life. It is still not easy I have to be honest in expressing I long to see. However, collectively, all you guys that were born blind or have been blind longer than I taught me how to cope, and live as a blind person. Thanks for always responding to my many questions, and struggles to adapt!
  • To my friends still on the streets and addicts I have yet to meet: I am sad you’re out there, but you remind me that addiction is still stealing lives.  My prayers are still with you, as I know if a junkie like me can get off dope, you can too!!!

I am sure there are others. Please know you are special to me too!!!  I could continue to write for hours on these but who’s going to read all this anyway!!!

With much love and gratitude,


2 Responses to “Special Thanks”

  1. Barbara Miller-Collins said

    Thank you for sharing your dream and your story! I plan to share it with my friends. Wis
    Wishing you and Ricky all the best in life.

    • crypurple said

      Hello Barbara!

      Thanks so much for your well wishes! The links to purchase the book will be up next week sometime.

      Thanks so much for spreading the word!

      Please let me know what you think about the book!

      God Bless,


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